Prism Magazine: Portrait of Exploitation

The September/October edition of Prism featured several articles about prostituted people. I just realized that they are available through their archive.

The cover story, Portrait of Exploitation is accompanied by a bunch of pictures of prostituted women taken over an extended period of time. The images depict a demise like I have never seen before. They are utterly shocking!

Prism Magazine: Portrait of Exploitation

The articles in the issue include:

Portrait of Exploitation
by Laura Coulter
A compelling call for the church to follow Jesus’ example by embracing the victims behind the vice.

Sophia’s Circle
by Amy Durkee
Former prostitutes come together for a time of healing and renewal and in the process become part of a sisterhood network.

Prostitution: Pathway to Incarceration for American Females
by Lisa L. Thompson
As the female prison population increases at alarming rates, it’s time we understood prostitution’s role as gateway to the crimes that are putting women behind bars.

Traffic Stopper
Donna M. Hughes, a leading international researcher on sex trafficking, explains the relationship between sex trafficking and prostitution.


  1. Matt, I just read this whole article. The pictures are so disturbing but I can’t think of any more vivid way to tell this story that so badly needs to be told.

  2. Amy, Completely agreed!

  3. Susan Anderson says:

    Matt, where can I get this poster? We are doing a weekend of prayer and fasting for victims of sexual trafficking and this picture is worth a thousand words.

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