Home at Last

I’ve been traveling almost non-stop for the past couple of weeks. This weekend I was at my roommate Matt and Julie’s wedding. It was wonderful. Matt has so many great friends! I continue to see the incredible ways God is at work in our generation. I met a young woman who had is studying international law and plans to work with Kazakh/Chinese nomadic peoples. Wow! On Sunday, I got to spend time with my IV staff worker from college, his wonderful wife, and two sons, it was so wonderful to get to go to their church and talk about God and our lives all afternoon. Aside from the wonderful company, Ryan and I missed our flight on our way to St. Louis and the two of us, with the addition of Dawn, missed our flight on the way home, which made for two unexpectedly long days (it was the first time I’ve missed a flight). I was planning to head to class tonight, but I spoke with my sister and she wisely recommended that I miss it for this week–I am rather exhausted. At any rate, this means that I’m staying at home, will go to work tomorrow, and will get to visit with my friend’s Dad Stew. It’s going to be a good week and a good time catching back up with friends!

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